Assignment 7B: Data Driven Assemblies

Rhino/Grasshopper crashed as I was completing my final steps before creating something to render, I unfortunately can’t open any of the files together, meaning that I can’t populate the surface created in step 1. Since final boards/renders couldn’t be produced, attached are screenshots of my grasshopper definition. If I can get it working again, I will re-upload with the assigned final deliverable.

Component Development:

^ where the surface should be connected, in order to separate into faces, edges and points and build the component within the context of the grid

Attractor Points:

^ concept was changed, attractor point was supposed to manipulate rotation of each component (so they would spin) this didn’t quite work, but was the closest I could get

Image Data:

^ extrusion distance would change according to contrast and hue in the photo

Connections close up: